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What They Call Themselves

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Our dog Ellie loves to go with me in the truck to pick up hikers and all the hikers seem to love Ellie! Often times when we meet there's an obligatory apology for how malodorous they are, but seldom a word about their appearance. One group of hikers self-aware of their aroma asked, "Should we ride in the back?" When there are several hikers, one rides up front with me and I challenge the others to share the back seat with Ellie. She's always reluctant to move over. I don't think it's because they're sweat soaked, it's because she's no longer in the front seat where she believes she belongs!

A standing tradition for Thru Hikers on the Appalachian Trail is to establish a trail name. Often these are assigned by fellow hikers. "Crispy" shared how he acquired his trail name ...

I passed a rice crispy treat to another hiker in a group sitting around the campfire. He said, "Thanks Crispy!" The other hikers all looked at one another and said in unison "Crrrissspy!" And so it was, a trail name was born.

Here's a list of the many AT hiker's trail names that have stayed with us:

2020 - Sherpa, Phantom, Spicy Boy, Happy Trees, Shotgun, Yearbook, Harlan, Juice, Bloodhound, Screwball, Shoebones, Big Sky, Strider, Roam, Adam and Emilia, Old Oriskany, Fenway, Almost There, Onsie and Abe Lincoln.

2019 - Runa, Yellow Shoes, Siren, River, Disciple, Nola, Captain, Caveman, Tijuana, Nightingale, Pan, Patrick, Dundee, Sand Pig, Tinker Toy, Marco Polo, Long Feather, Flamingo, Pacemaker, Radar, Nibbles, Smash, Ninja Mouse, Iceman (and Friend), Whoop, Wanderer, Chuck Norris, Lighthouse, Turbo (Snail), T, No Service, Pond Bear, Bubbles, Full of Bull, Faircaster, Fly, Earth Dog, Eric the Navigator, Mary and Pat, Jupiter, Ponce de Leon, Crow, Captain, Clockwork, Ramble, Fireplug, Detour, Bumblebee, Gumby, Just Ben, RALI, Tank, Wren, Gray, Matador, Hardy, Rev, Helluva, Sunnyside, Wait Up and Catch Up, Wow, Silver Streak, Andy and Sam, Great Fish, Sponge, Doc, Poptart, Steady, Full of Bull, Phantom, Spicy Boy, and Happy Trees. 2018 - Micah, Sealegs, Rabbit, Tumble Foot, Easy Walker, Snow, Panda, Two Step, 'Just' Nick, Linneas, Chazmataz, Sir Juice, Lil' Bear, Cornbread, Mr. Jones and Me, Achillies, Hannibal, Dad?, Nutella, Workhorse, Hills, Bear, Sassy, Rabbit Tracks, Easily Forgotten, Terminator, Road Runner, Slippy No Soles, Story, Fable, Yellow, Invisible Man, White Bread, Spicy Shane, Ashley, Poppa J, Huck, Boilover, Ray, Heart Eyes, Crockett, Noodle, O.P., Puddles, River, Pirate, Stripper, Animal, Chili, Clipper, Pacer, Shelter Shaker, Pinky, Cap Cap, Picaso, Mandar, Textbook, 44, Stitches, Two Socks, Two Shoes, Spork, Time Zone, Chalulo, Smores, Three Sox, Rosie Red, Steady, Roomy, Ringo, Coal Cracker, Grumpy, Steady (2), Full of Bull, Much Obliged, Chief, and Doc! Sorry to those we missed on this list.

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